Simple Many Ways: Where Can We Find Happiness?

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Where i can find happiness?

First, ask yourself if you may need psychiatric or psychological treatment. If the answer is no, then you’ll find happiness in the following options:

  1. Soaking in the bathtub
  2. Planning your career
  3. Collecting things (coins, shells, stamps, etc.)
  4. Going for a holiday
  5. Recycling old items
  6. Meditating
  7. Going on a date
  8. Going to a movie
  9. Jogging, walking
  10. Listening to music
  11. Thinking you have done a full day’s work
  12. Recalling past parties
  13. Buying household gadgets
  14. Lying in the sun
  15. Planning a career change
  16. Laughing
  17. Thinking about past trips
  18. Listening to others
  19. Reading magazines or newspapers
  20. Hobbies (playing chess, model building, etc.)
  21. Spending an evening with good friends
  22. Planning a day’s activities
  23. Meeting new people
  24. Remembering beautiful scenery
  25. Saving money
  26. Gambling
  27. Going to the gym, doing aerobics
  28. Eating
  29. Thinking how it will be when you finish school
  30. Getting out of debt/paying debts
  31. Practising karate, judo, yoga
  32. Thinking about retirement
  33. Repairing things around the house
  34. Working on your car (bicycle)
  35. Remembering the words and deeds of loving people
  36. Wearing sexy clothes
  37. Having quiet evenings
  38. Taking care of plants
  39. Buying, selling stocks and shares
  40. Going swimming
  41. Doodling
  42. Exercising
  43. Collecting old things
  44. Going to a party
  45. Thinking about buying things
  46. Playing golf
  47. Playing soccer
  48. Flying kites
  49. Having discussions with friends
  50. Having family get-togethers
  51. Riding a motorbike
  52. Sex
  53. Playing squash
  54. Going camping
  55. Singing around the house
  56. Arranging flowers
  57. Going to church, praying (practising religion)
  58. Losing weight
  59. Going to the beach
  60. Thinking you’re an OK person
  61. A day with nothing to do
  62. Having class reunions
  63. Going ice skating, roller skating/blading
  64. Going sailing
  65. Travelling abroad, interstate or within the state
  66. Sketching, painting
  67. Doing something spontaneously
  68. Doing embroidery, cross stitching
  69. Sleeping
  70. Driving
  71. Entertaining
  72. Going to clubs (garden, sewing, etc.)
  73. Thinking about getting married
  74. Going birdwatching
  75. Singing with groups
  76. Flirting
  77. Playing musical instruments
  78. Doing arts and crafts
  79. Making a gift for someone
  80. Buying CDs, tapes, records
  81. Watching boxing, wrestling
  82. Planning parties
  83. Cooking, baking
  84. Going hiking, bush walking
  85. Writing books (poems, articles)
  86. Sewing
  87. Buying clothes
  88. Working
  89. Going out to dinner
  90. Discussing books
  91. Sightseeing
  92. Gardening
  93. Going to the beauty salon
  94. Early morning coffee and newspaper
  95. Playing tennis
  96. Kissing
  97. Watching children play
  98. Thinking you have a lot more going for me than most people
  99. Going to plays and concerts
  100. Daydreaming
  101. Planning to go to TAFE or university
  102. Going for a drive
  103. Listening to a stereo
  104. Refinishing furniture
  105. Watching videos or DVDs
  106. Making lists of tasks
  107. Going bike riding
  108. Walks on the riverfront/foreshore
  109. Buying gifts
  110. Travelling to national parks
  111. Completing a task
  112. Thinking about achievements
  113. Going to a footy game (or rugby, soccer, basketball, etc.)
  114. Eating gooey, fattening foods
  115. Exchanging emails, chatting on the internet
  116. Photography
  117. Going fishing
  118. Thinking about pleasant events
  119. Staying on a diet
  120. Star gazing
  121. Flying a plane
  122. Reading fiction
  123. Acting
  124. Being alone
  125. Writing diary/journal entries or letters
  126. Cleaning
  127. Reading non-fiction
  128. Taking children places
  129. Dancing
  130. Going on a picnic
  131. Thinking “I did that pretty well” after doing something
  132. Relaxing
  133. Playing volleyball
  134. Having lunch with a friend
  135. Going to the hills
  136. Thinking about having a family
  137. Thoughts about happy moments in your childhood
  138. Splurging
  139. Playing cards
  140. Having a political discussion
  141. Solving riddles mentally
  142. Playing cricket
  143. Seeing and/or showing photos or slides
  144. Knitting/crocheting/quilting
  145. Doing crossword puzzles
  146. Shooting pool/Playing billiards
  147. Dressing up and looking nice
  148. Reflecting on how you’ve improved
  149. Buying things for yourself
  150. Talking on the phone
  151. Going to museums, art galleries
  152. Thinking religious thoughts
  153. Surfing the internet
  154. Lighting candles
  155. Listening to the radio
  156. Going crabbing or prawning
  157. Having coffee at a cafe
  158. Getting/giving a massage
  159. Saying “I love you”
  160. Thinking about your good qualities
  161. Buying books
  162. Having a spa, or sauna
  163. Going skiing
  164. Going canoeing or white-water rafting
  165. Going bowling
  166. Doing woodworking
  167. Fantasising about the future
  168. Doing ballet, jazz/tap dancing
  169. Debating
  170. Playing computer games
  171. Having an aquarium
  172. Erotica (sex books, movies)
  173. Going horseback riding
  174. Going rock climbing
  175. Thinking about becoming active in the community
  176. Doing something new
  177. Making jigsaw puzzles
  178. Thinking you’re a person who can cope
  179. Playing with pets
  180. Having a barbecue
  181. Rearranging the furniture in the house
  182. Buying new furniture
  183. Going window shopping

2: Where can I find true happiness?

Drop the where, what you really want is how.

Drop the true, happiness is never false.

You’re in for luck today; I am at leisure and in a mood to preach.

Let’s start with understanding what we are looking for here – Happiness.

What is Happiness? No, no, you don’t need to look up the dictionary, they always get it wrong, mixing it up with pleasure and merriment and trying to justify it by calling them synonyms. They are different – pleasure is momentarily rewarding, while the rewards of happiness are eternal.

Happiness is a state of mind – a feeling unique in that it cannot be expressed, but only felt. Yes, think it over, you can express every other feeling but not happiness, for it exists solely for you to feel.

The words that come closest to Happiness are Peace and Harmony. Yes, the lexicographers made a blunder here.

When you are at peace with yourself – grateful for the past, content with the present and hopeful for the future, and in harmony with your ambiance – no resentment towards anyone or anything and glad to accept all that comes your way or to let go all that goes, you call it happiness. It’s not a phase to pass away with time, once you achieve it, it is there to stay.

It does not imply a happy person is never troubled but much like a wheel in motion conserves its angular momentum and recovers from minor perturbations to regain its balance, a happy person overcomes all commotion to stay happy. Happiness is strength!

I know, I know, you wanted to know how to get there. Yes, we are coming to that part.

The funny thing about the Universe is there are innumerous ways of doing anything. Yes, there are innumerous ways to be happy as well. But then I am too naive to know much, I have only found three ways yet.


Your actions are your instrument to happiness. When you act, no matter how small or how inconsequential the action might seem to be, they sow the seeds for tomorrow, for tomorrow, if well nurtured, that seed would grow into a plant and then a tree.

The tree might not necessarily bear your favorite fruit, but it sure to bear a fruit alright. And you, proud of your accomplishment, can gloat in the glory and can draw happiness to have created something of your own, to have made a difference to the world and have charted out its future. Things will not always work in your favor, but the few occasions they do would be enough to bring you a lifetime of happiness.


Knowledge is another powerful instrument to happiness. They say knowledge is power and rightly so, for when you know the nature and method of happiness how difficult can being happy be? Pursuance of knowledge is a reward in itself, for every moment you are awed, surprised, shocked and come out more polished and learned. Yes, some might take joy in sharing it or even showing off.

However, it is a double-edged sword for when you know all that there is to know and understand about happiness and then you might even have a realization of how stupid and futile the exercise was. We never value things once we achieve them, do we? Ignorance is bliss for those very people.


Devotion is the most popular instrument to happiness. You didn’t see that coming, did you? Religion was invented for a reason, you know. When a person is utterly submissive to a so-called higher power, he gets psychologically disconnected from the consequence of his actions, for all his actions are but means for him to exhibit his devotion on the path to his deity. Such a person would readily accept any possible retribution as a test of his faith and reward as a proof of his righteousness without much thought, for his eyes are only set on the goal of redemption. He does not consider himself responsible for anything that happens due to his actions.

What it does in essence, is that it brings about a sense of harmony between person and his ambiance thus freeing him from the guilt, remorse or pride associated with the consequences of his actions. He is happy because he is on the path, and all troubles and rewards are gift to him alike.

Wonder why it is the most popular? Because it is fail-safe and fool-safe. You do not need the smarts to follow this path, unlike acting or learning, and you can never be wrong with it because you believe every act to be done for the greater good. Belief is the strongest force known to mankind!

Now, now my friend, take your pick out of these or use your wisdom and explore further. Happiness is just around the corner! 🙂

Best Steps to True Happiness That Everyone Is Looking For

Happiness is a term that has forever been a vague concept to grasp with countless studies and experiments done in order to decipher what it actually is and how it can be achieved.

In my person experience, happiness simply can’t be defined by using stats or figures and is first and foremost a feeling, which can only be manifested and acquired by you.

It’s an internal feeling that comes from a decision to be happy as well as a series of actions in order to help provoke it from within you.

Here are 20 ways that, when applied, have personally lead to increases in my happiness every time. Perhaps there are a few you can relate to.

1) Stop comparing yourself to others and false ideals.

When you look at the things around you, there are advertisements everywhere telling you what you need in your life in order to be happy. They encourage you to aspire to ideals that don’t actually exist and make you feel insecure about yourself.

The truth is, the things you see in advertisements and movies aren’t real. Most of it is manipulated and edited so that it looks perfect. We’re far from perfect, but we are unique and worthy enough to be special in the world. The truth is, you don’t need anything or to be anything in order to be valued on this planet.

2) Do what you love.

The best way to find out what it is you truly love in this world is to look deep inside yourself and to scope out whether what it is you want is due to what society tells you to like, or because of what you feel you want deep inside yourself.

If you felt ashamed of pursuing the things you truly enjoy due to social and societal pressure, then chances are, you’re being influenced, which is directly affecting your happiness. Pursue things you love without shame and don’t be afraid of standing out.

3) Turn off the television.

Simply put. Television is a distraction to the realities of the life around you and can easily influence you to believe in things that simply aren’t true. The best way to see the world in its entirety and completely uncensored is to turn off your television and to leave your house.

What do your very eyes see of the world when you aren’t being fed with third party information?
There is no better experience in this world than to see it with your own eyes.

4) Don’t take yourself too seriously.

While life can be complicated at times and give you a hard time, there really is no denying the fact that all of us will depart the world in due course. This reminder should always be present when living out your daily life. It can help you realize that there really is no sense in taking life too seriously.

Learn to take in the world in its entirety and to enjoy it for what it is‒good and bad.

5) Be selfless and avoid being selfish.

Whatever it is you choose to do in this world, always try do it for reasons other than your own personal gain. The art of giving is perhaps one of the key things that has been proven to enrich your satisfaction and happiness, but is rarely ever practiced in society with regularity.

6) Be grateful for what you have.

In reference to #1, if you judge the quality of your life based on the things you own and how you look, you will never be happy, since you’ll always be looking for external references to prove to you that you are.

Whatever it is you may be unsatisfied with, somewhere in the world is a person who dreams of having the things you currently have. Always be grateful because it’s the precursor to moving forward with your personal and spiritual growth.

7) Share your values and kindness with others.

Similar to #6, there is nothing more satisfying than to spread your qualities with those around you and to influence people in a positive way.

Maybe it’s a blog you currently run, which you’re using to share your wisdom with others. Or perhaps it’s a skill you have that you’re happy to give and share in abundance.

Find out what your strengths and qualities are and don’t shy away from exposing it to the world.

8) Learn to be patient‒things will happen at the right time.

The things we want and hope to achieve in this world are hardly ever acquired at the times we want them to. As hard as you work, it’s simply a law of average that the things you’re looking to achieve will simply happen in due course, but with no date as to when it will happen.

As long as you continue to push forward and keep taking the right steps that get you one step further towards your goals, it is then simply a matter of time and patience; it will happen for you eventually.

9) Become accepting of others as we’re all the same, yet unique.

Everyone may be the same as far as human nature is concerned, but we are all, in fact, different from each other, with unique nuances and characteristics. Learn to appreciate it and to see as a way of learning more about their character and personality.

10) Become forgiving of yourself and of other’s imperfections.

Following up from #10, don’t try to attempt to change people into your ideal. Life simply doesn’t work that way. There will be some people who you will naturally get along with, and others you will not. This is completely normal and a basic fact of life.

But above all, always be appreciative of people whether they’re in line with your values or not. This includes your very own characteristics. There’s nothing worse than to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to please others.

11) Keep a personal diary.

Our thoughts and worries can sometimes overwhelm us and in time, build up to a level that can cause us to feel depressed and frustrated. The best way to overcome this is to write down your thoughts on a notepad or a diary in order to help you unload whatever’s on your mind.

It’s never a good idea to keep things stuck in your mind, as it usually becomes a lot worse than it actually is, in reality.

12) Stop being a consumer.

We are often taught by the media that buying the next ‘shiny object’ would lead us to feeling better about ourselves in some way. Biologically speaking, this is somewhat true, as our body releases a short term chemical called ‘Dopamine’ that makes us feel a surge of satisfaction and excitement. But the sad truth is, it’s short lived, and is often confused for happiness.

Become conscious of the things you buy and start to question whether what you’re buying is something you actually need or whether it’s to fill a void in your life that you feel you currently have.

13) Become fascinated with the world you live in.

The world we live in is a very vast and abundant planet with a lot of things to do and experience It is simply impossible to see all of it in a single lifetime.
If there’s nothing more to get you excited, always remember that there is always something you have yet to experience, which could potentially lead you on a path you never thought possible.

14) Travel the world.

Its not until you leave your home country that you really begin to see just how different and varied our planet is. There are so many people to see, foods to taste and places to visit. It has literally changed my worldview and has helped me develop into a more open-minded and well-rounded person.

15) Learn about and make friends with people from other cultures and backgrounds.

Similarly, you will never quite develop a better understanding and deeper appreciation for people than if you consciously go out of your way and befriend people from other cultures and backgrounds.

You begin to see that while we may have different lifestyles and ways of doing things, in the end, we are all the same living under the same roof, which is the ever-expanding universe.

It will help you come to terms with the fact that, yes, there are people who are different from you and that like you, they too have worries, hopes and dreams.

16) Do your research when given information from other sources.

While wisdom, information and facts are important, you should always keep an open mind and seek to inquire with your own personal experiences.

Is the information you’ve been given really true based on your own personal experiences? Or is it simply a belief based on another person’s interpretation?

An inquiring mind is an open mind that isn’t easily manipulated.

17) Smile more often.

It’s been proven by science that smiling more often and smiling just for the sake of smiling helps you be happy as well as help others feel better around you. Your physiology can in fact be changed simply by your psychology and vice-versa.

If you’re honestly feeling down or depressed. Consciously smile, stand tall and walk with your chest out. Then watch how you feel about yourself change with your very eyes.

18) Eat healthy foods and sleep well.

Our body is like a car engine and constantly needs refreshing and looking after. If it isn’t well-fed or maintained, it can lead to illnesses and a poor immune system, which over time will cause other problems as we age.

If you’re young, develop the habit of taking care of what you eat and drink and rest regularly. You may have all the energy in the world in your youth, but it will not be as abundant at a later stage in life.

But the enjoyment of your health can be maintained for years to come and will be solely dependent on how you treat your body in the present.

19) Meditate.

With so many things to do and experience, there will be times where you need to switch off from the world and reach a place of relaxation. Spend at least 5-10 minutes in complete solitude, thinking of nothing but your very own breathing and making it a daily habit.

You will find that over time, your mind will be a lot more stable and will begin to feel at peace with yourself as well as not be easily affected by the things around you.