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Daum PotPlayer Free Download

Daum PotPlayer is a modern and stylish design, and easy to manage settings. The program has the ability to change and assign new hotkeys, to connect DSP plug-ins, frame-accurate to take off skrinshoty videofiles, to write down a reproduced sound in the separate file, to include and disconnect visualization when playing audiofiles, to show subtitles, to change the design (skins). This record player has a great number of functions and tuning which considerably improve the quality of the video.

Main Features of Daum PotPlayer:

  • High-quality playback as well as video and audio.
  • Support for all modern video and audio formats.
  • Support of various skins, logos, color subjects.
  • In a player there are all necessary codecs for video and audio reproduction.
  • Are supported 32 – 64-bit OS.

Answers to common questions:

Can I use Daum PotPlayer in commercial organizations?

Yes, Daum PotPlayer – is a completely free program. You can use it on any computer. You do not need to register or pay for Daum PotPlayer.

To establish Daum PotPlayer, it is necessary to possess the rights of the administrator?

Yes. As a rule, users have no right to install any programs without the rights of the administrator.

Where to download Daum PotPlayer?

Download the newest the version of the program it is possible here

Daum PotPlayer supports 64-bit OS?

Yes, in Daum PotPlayer was included version for 64-bit OS. Download which you can it at this link

On what OS it is possible to establish Daum PotPlayer?

Daum PotPlayer supports the following OS: Windows Xp, Windows 7, Vista. For each OS it is possible to establish both 32, and the 64-bit version.

Answers to questions on Daum PotPlayer use:

Whether there is Daum PotPlayer “sound recordings” function?

Yes, it can be found by right-clicking on the player and select the “Audio” -> “Sound Recording” -> “Sound Recording …”, or use the keyboard shortcut «shift + G». The sound can be written down in various formats: mp3, ogg, waw, aac, ac3.

PotPlayer is automatically updated every time or you need to download the new version?

PotPlayer developers have made sure that the user himself could choose the most suitable option to update the player. This feature can be found by pressing F5 -> «General Settings” -> “Automatic Updates”.

Where in a player it is possible to change or disconnect “combinations of keys”?

To disable, change or add any shortcut key you need to press F5, go to the “General” -> “Keyboard Shortcuts” and there choose the desired action.

How  is often updated Daum PotPlayer?

This player is updated one or several times a month. You can track updating in the player having pressed F1–> “History of updating” or on an official site

How to make a snapshot of the reproduced video file in PotPlayer?

To take a screenshot or record a portion of the video being played, you must do the following: right-click on the player and select “Video” -> “Picture” and there is select the desired function or activate the player with one click and press the hotkey «K» .

Download Links:
PotPlayer Download Latest 2021 (x32) / Mirror Link
PotPlayer Download Latest 2021 (x64) / Mirror Link

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